What the People in Your Life Should Be for Halloween

Halloween is upon us. While I’m sure we’ve all been thinking about our costumes for months, wouldn’t it be nice to pick out the costumes for people in your life? To save you some trouble, I’ve gone ahead and chosen them for you. Enjoy: 

1. Your crazy friend: Eleven from “Stranger Things”

The sole purpose of this costume is so you can introduce your weird and/or crazy friend like Dustin did, “She’s our friend and she’s crazy!” The buzzed head and crazy vibe is also suitable for a 2007 Britney Spears with an umbrella ensemble.

The professor who hates you: the teacher from “Drake and Josh”

We’ve all been there—a professor decides he/she doesn’t like you and from there the rest of the semester is hellish.   That’s why it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for your dreadful educator to be the teacher from “Drake and Josh.” Drake could never catch a break from his high school teacher and whatever he said she immediately disagreed with, something you can relate to if you’ve ever been the problem child for a professor.

3. You and your bestie: JD and Turk from “Scrubs”

There’s not a duo on television closer than JD and Turk. From matching totem necklaces, a pet stuffed dog and even a musical number exclaiming their “Guy Love,” the doctors and best friends are inseparable.  Just like JD and Turk, you and your BFF spend your days together, have a thousand inside jokes and get bad cases of separation anxiety when apart for too long.  Whoever goes as JD will have to sip appletinis all evening and whoever is Turk will have to be the ultimate bro.

4. That jerk that always steals your seat: Joffrey from “Game of Thrones”

Let’s be real, these are the worst kinds of people. You’ve already claimed your seat and two months into the semester you walk into class and someone has stolen what is rightfully yours.  That’s why everyone’s seat-stealers should be Joffrey. The despicably vile king from “Game of Thrones” is perfect for the tool that dared to sit where you have.

5. The weirdo you secretly love: Kramer from “Seinfeld”

Annoying? Yes. Nosey? Definitely. Sense of fashion? Debatable. Loveable? Absolutely.  Kramer from “Seinfeld” is a classic character that is perfect for the adorable oddball in your life.  Just make sure they tease their hair, rock an atrocious 90s suit and butt into your business all Hallows Eve long.

6. Your impossibly busy friend: Kim Possible (get it, LOL)

Kim Possible was the ultimate “it girl” for girls growing up in the 2000s. She could save the world, Ron and Rufus and look good while doing it.  Her life was always being interrupted by her various duties and missions, but she somehow got it all done and managed to have a social life too.  Kim is the perfect costume for the friend who’s in a million clubs, has a job and a social life all while maintaining a semi-sane façade.  If she has a hapless friend and skinless rat for a pet they can be the whole “Kim Possible” squad.


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