Zoe's 101: Watch The Vote

Which TV characters should you root for based on your favorite presidential candidate?

Donald Trump: Chanel Oberlin, "Scream Queens"

Scream Queen’s queen bee is a power hungry, sharp-tongued college girl with ambition and an obsession with wealth – ringing any bells? Much like Oberlin, this year’s most polarizing candidate isn’t afraid to step on any toes on his way to the top, and both manage to offend at least one person every time they open their mouths. Throughout the first season of “Scream Queens” Oberlin evades multiple attempts on her life, managing to survive the whole season. Trump too has been repeatedly bashed and attacked by democrats and republicans alike but has managed to stay at the top of the polls since his campaign announcement. Both tend to become a tad defensive when their actions are questioned, and both love to lay into their peers with petty barbs and insults. Two mean girls with a love for interesting hairstyles and spray tan – Chanel Oberlin for VP?

Ted Cruz: Gene, “Wet Hot American Summer”

Ted Cruz has already been compared to Kevin from “The Office” and the Zodiac Killer, but his paranoia and love of all things doomsday likens him to Gene, Christopher Meloni’s character from “Wet Hot American Summer.” Gene is a veteran whose favorite pastimes include accusing his coworkers of being commie spies and talking to a can of vegetables. Cruz probably doesn’t talk to preserved vegetables, but he is super paranoid about everything and has a habit of firing back at Trump with petty retorts, much like Gene when fellow cook Gary insults him.

Bernie Sanders: Elliot Alderson, "Mr. Robot"

Elliot Anderson, the protagonist of USA’s hacktivist show, “Mr. Robot”, is a paranoid conspiracy theorist that wants nothing more than to bring down Evil Corp. Sanders, much like Elliot, is an outsider who has good intentions but comes off a little crazy. Both are fighting the system from the inside, Sanders as the renegade senator, and Elliot as a computer software engineer that works for the very company he’s trying to take down. Bernie probably can’t operate a computer like Elliot, but throw a black hoodie on him and they’re basically the same person – just with like a 40-year age difference.

Hillary Clinton: Barney Stinson, “How I Met Your Mother”

Tell me this: when was the last time you saw Hillary Clinton wearing something other than a power suit? Although Barney may seem like he has more in common with Hillary’s hubby, the two blonde professionals are a lot alike. Both Clinton and Stinson have questionable job histories, and both are strong supporters of women everywhere. Clinton probably has a political playbook somewhere to match Stinson's that she uses to gain every voter in every demographic possible. And just like the finale of "HIMYM" left fans frustrated, the 2008 election was not kind to Clinton. But you’ve got to admit, being the first woman president would be Legen–wait for it–dary.   

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