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Stressed Out

Well, here we are. We’re halfway through the semester and so close to spring break – I’ve already decided to tough it out and not wash my clothes for the next week.  But amongst all the vacation plans and daydreaming about sleeping in a bed that’s not lofted, there’s a lot to stress about. 

Whenever I feel like the walls caving in, I find it helpful to step back, take a deep breath, and ignore my responsibilities for a little bit.  So, in the spirit of brotherly love, I’ve put together a list of movies, TV shows and songs that’ll get you through a rough week (or month).


Looking for something entertaining and educational to take your mind off life? Look no further than Comedy Central’s “Drunk History.” This hilarious sketch show gets comedians hammered and asks them to recount history.  Actors reenact the story to a drunken comedian’s slurred narration – think Civil War reenactments but at Horseshoe on Fishbowl Wednesday. Okay, so “Drunk History” may not be the most factual source of study material for your history class, but it’s hysterically funny and will get your mind off your debilitating responsibilities for a while. But maybe don’t ask your history professor why Lewis and Clark were blackout drunk during their whole expedition, k?      


Above all else, music has the ability to instantly change my mood and take me from a place of crippling self-doubt (thanks, calculus) to a place where I feel like I could pull off Selena Gomez’s Grammys dress. During my times of immense stress, I turn to a few songs to ease my anxiety.

Californian rock group Best Coast’s newest single, "Feeling Okay," is the perfect song to turn all the way up in the car and belt out alone or with a friend. With lyrics like, “Today I feel OK…When I get down, I get so down / But I’ll keep trying to stay this way…” is the perfect reminder that when we feel good we need to try to stay that way for as long as possible, because the shit storm will come.

Pop star Sia’s latest album has many inspirational anthems, but one track stands out. "Reaper" is the perfect song to hear after you studied 12 hours straight for that exam and somehow came out with a B, or waited until the night before to do a project and got it done. Sia laments that she “broke down, thought that I would drown” but has come out victorious and tells her reaper, “no baby, not today.” Whether your reaper is coming to kill your GPA, pair you with the laziest kid in lab, or crash your computer before you saved that paper, tell him “not today.”


Ugh, reading. I know it requires a little extra brainpower, but when I force myself to tune out everything but the words on the page, I completely melt away from my hectic life and to-do list, who doesn’t want that? Author Elizabeth Gilbert is best known for her classic “middle-aged woman explores the world to find herself” tale of “Eat, Pray, Love,” but her newest book is exactly what an uninspired college student needs.  "Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear" is Gilbert’s attempt at inspiring and motivating us to live out our dreams without any apprehensions.  In other words, this book is a more sophisticated and lengthy version of Shia LaBeouf’s “Just Do It” video. Gilbert’s powerful message will motivate you to pursue a long-ignored passion or simply finish that paper you’ve been putting off.

Sample passage: “One of the most oldest and most generous tricks that the universe plays on human beings is bury strange jewels within us all, and then stand back to see if we can ever find them.” Damn, that’s inspiring.

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