Liquid Stranger

A DJ who is able to create his own unique sound is hard to find in this field now-a-days, but Liquid Stranger is one of the few who have perfected their individual sound. Martin Stääf is a Swedish born EDM artist. He is able to blend different genres of music together in order to produce his own sound distinct from all the other DJs out in the universe. Martin first launched himself as Liquid Stranger in 2003 and it has been history since then. 

Liquid Stranger is currently on his Hypercolor Tour with Manic Focus and several other guests that will make appearances depending on their location. The great thing about Liquid Stranger’s music is that he is a versatile DJ. He does not limit himself to one beat or one certain sound. He lets his final product speak for itself and it does not disappoint. 

His stage presence as a performer is amazing. He is an artist that knows his own songs inside and out and goes along with the beats. He knows what he is going to hit the audience with and when is the right moment to blow them away. It is always a nice little bonus when Liquid Stranger decides to treat the crowd with a new drop. Liquid is someone who interacts with his crowd while performing and makes sure his fans are having fun. 

If you want to mix up your playlist a bit and add something different and new, then Liquid Stranger is the DJ for you. Some of his top songs are Party Like Us and Hotbox. He also has a lot of remixes with Space Jesus. Give Liquid Stranger a listen and you’ll find yourself listening to him non-stop. 

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