Space Jesus: A Review

Space Jesus is a DJ based out of Brooklyn, New York. This is Jasha Tull’s solo project. He first started out as a hip-hop DJ, but has developed into his own out of this world sound. When you listen to Space Jesus, it is no surprise that he sounds like something aliens would be listening to or remind you of the outer space. Space Jesus himself has even said some of his songs sound like the other side of a black hole. A reason Space Jesus has become so popular is because of his lively and wild performances for his fans. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing that luscious hair bouncing around to the beat of his music. He also collaborates with other big names such as Bleep Bloop, Liquid Stranger, Esseks and many more. 

Space Jesus is currently on his Morphed Tour and was in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 30th performing at The Underground. The visual that Space Jesus uses in his background brings the stage to life and it transports you to outer space. His beats set him apart from other DJs in this industry. In one of his more popular songs, Infinite Extravagance, the low beats and different sounds he splices into the music makes it his own unique sound. You can tell when a song is mixed by Space Jesus, because he is an artist that successfully blends his own sound. 

If you are looking for someone that has a good blend between hip-hop and bass, then you finally found your man. Space Jesus is someone that will teleport you to a whole other world with his music. His unique sound will get you moving and sometime it might even be a real neck breaker. 

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