Back to Black

From casual to formal an all black look will keep you looking sharp and bold. 

Pairing a turtleneck (H&M) and a long overcoat (H&M) creates a long and slim silhouette that flatters any body type. The absence of laces in Chelsea boots (Clarks) also lends to the length and flow of this look. It is important not to clutter outfits with too many accessories so stick to minimal accessories like the Runwell watch (Circa 1332).

With some added grit through rough textures, the second look is more casual. Distressed Desert Mali boots (Clarks) grab attention that color would normally provide. The long scoop neck tee (Urban Outfitters) accentuates a flowing top half while the leather boots and bomber jacket (Banana Republic) add a bit of weight to the top and bottom. The cuffed jeans (April77) add length by eliminating stacking that can result when jeans are too long. Simple accessories like the necklace (The Sneerwell) tie the outfit together with a touch of brass.

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