Q & A with TroyBoi


Since skyrocketing onto the scene pretty early in your career, you have collaborated with artists such as Diplo, Flosstradamus, Ice Cube, etc. How do you think you’ve shaped your production style leading up to the V!BEZ EP?

Well to be fair, I kinda tended to go with the flow. I always kept my structures and influences the same. I think when I try to collaborate with certain artists, I try to think about what they have done in the past and think about how I could also take them to the next level in their sounds. A lot of people tend to come to me because they want a bit of a different sound so I try to the best I can to accommodate whoever I work with and whoever is working with me. It works both ways. 

“Sunset in Costa Rica” off of your new EP was inspired by the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen on the hotel patio. How would you say the scenery reflected onto your song when you were writing it? 

It was quite crazy. I knew for a start I was feeling very, very chill and very, very relaxed and what I could see was pretty damn beautiful, so I wanted to reflect that. So obviously I went for a lot more softer textures, was much more melodic, and was really slow paced because the Sun was setting at a lovely slow pace. I used a lot of Latin infused influences like the trumpets and brasses, which I know is used a lot in Latin music. 

“Wickedest Bounce” was inspired by your love for the 80s. Which 80s artists or bands brought the most inspiration for the track?

That one in particular was a cross between Prince and Michael Jackson. Definitely sounds and textures that I think Prince would use, especially like the heavy drums and the flow of the whole Michael Jackson 80’s style of music he was producing at the time. That’s definitely what inspired that song. 

Recently you made your Coachella debut and have been playing festivals around the world like EDC Las Vegas, Life in Color, and HOLY SHIP. What is like drawing in countless amounts of people for your sets?

It’s very overwhelming. Especially with Coachella, for example. There’s a lot of hype surrounding it. It can be a little anxious and I was a bit anxious at times, but very confident in what I was going to do because at the end of the day, nothing is going to change. Troyboi will always be Troyboi, so it’s there on the biggest stage I would say. 

Do you think Troyboi fans will get a taste of some tracks in development at future tours and festivals?

For sure. I’m always creating. I’m literally creating right now. I never stop making music. The music that I make is pretty much an extension of myself. I like to keep the juices flowing always. 

Do you produce on the road while going to these events? 

Well, producing on the road can be hard at times because I travel quite a lot and I’m never in the same space for more than a day. I like to produce when I have a few days off. If I know that I’m going to be in a particular spot for a few days, then I can chill down and let the idea I’m thinking about at the time really take shape. Sometimes when I start an idea in one place and I have to take it to another country, it’s like the vibes are completely different. It can affect the way I produce or take the next step in the production, so I just try to make everything in one go when I’m in one space. 

Do you consider yourself more as a cat or a dog person? 

Dog person for sure. Man’s best friend. 

I spoke with Borgore about gaming and his Discord chat full of DJs. Do you ever find yourself gaming with them or playing anything on your own? 

I do play my PS4 on my downtimes sometimes. I play FIFA and I used to play Street Fighter at competition level. At one point, I was the 68th best player in Europe when I was playing a lot. 

Did you ever get the chance to go to MLG events for Street Fighter? 

I never had the chance to go because they were always in Japan. This was before I was able to travel as much. I used to just play online so my ranking was always up.

Whenever you’re playing a set, has your mind ever wandered off? 

Not really. I’m always pretty focused. As much as I’m enjoying myself, this is a job as well so I always like to be professional when it comes to those kinds of things. 

What’s your favorite track to play when performing live?

There’s quite a few. I like to create different types of vibes and moods in my sets. Highs and lows and I pretty much have a track for each of those. “OG” is one that tends to go off heavy. Every time. “ILY” is more for throwbacks and good vibes. There’s a whole bunch of songs of mine that I like playing. 

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