Shaky Beats: Day Two


After a night full of editing and resting, Day Two brought out the energy that fans were eager to show off to a bass heavy lineup mixed in with some melodic vibes to distract everyone from the heat. 

Kicking off the day was one of my personal favorite producers, Ookay. With the release of his new album Wow! Cool Album!, he brought a live performance to main stage that I could not stop singing along to. Starting off with the hit track “Cool,” fans all around were singing the lyrics word for word and were off their feet from start to finish. After his set, I stumbled across him on a couple of occasions. I ended up meeting him in the press lounge while editing his photos and again outside of main stage before Excision’s set to get some photos. His funny and entertaining personality were seen by all and made a big appearance on social media. 

Taking stage next was dubstep veteran, Borgore. After an interview with Asaf and getting a feel for his personality off stage, he reflected what we talked about the moment he stepped on stage. After the first few drops, fans were already lifting the rail off of the ground and the heavy bass could be heard from stages away. The interview will be coming soon to Garnet and Black so definitely stay tuned if you want to read about the funny sides to Borgore as well as his business side. 

After a short break from music, San Holo took the stage armed with a guitar that brought his performance to a whole new level. Even with the hit tracks in his queue, playing riffs and solos through songs brought fans to a roar as the live versions are completely unique to the show. As the show came to a start, the vocals to his hit song “Light” came through the speakers as the entire crowd recited every word. It was only a taste of what was to come afterwards. His unique stage presence made his set a completely different experience from most performers and I would highly recommend you catch him at a show near you. 

As the headbangers filed in one by one to Peachtree stage, The Paradox revved up into full effect as the opening ambience began for the new Excision and Space Laces track “Rumble” began to fade in. Although it was a hot day, there was not a single person standing still during the hardest set of the weekend. Excision accompanied by The Paradox gave fans a huge burst of energy. Early on in his set, the widely known dubstep melody from “The Wonky Song” started to blast through the speakers while everyone, including myself, recited the melody. With a new tease from the Excision and Dion Timmer VIP, “The Wonky Song” brought even more cheers to fans around the festival. Other tracks and remixes from the Virus album such as “Africa,” “Her,” and “With You” brought another burst of energy to fans as the highly anticipated drops came through the speakers. 

Closing out the night was EDM legend, Zedd. Seeing him in the past, I originally thought it wouldn’t be as unique or extraordinary a second time. After “Beautiful Now” made its way through the speakers to start the night, I was easily proven wrong. The stage production gave fans a better view of the legend himself and everyone got a treat when the pyro and cryo began to blast as the beat dropped. Mixing in trap, electro house, and progressive house, the hour and a half set left me, and everyone at main stage, stunned. It was a great experience being able to sing along with thousands of other people to some of the biggest songs in music. Closing with his hit “Clarity,” attendees were more than satisfied. It simply left us wanting more. 

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