Shaky Beats: Day Three


After walking through the gates on one of the hottest days of the week, fans were looking forward to some of the greatest acts to close out the weekend. With a powerhouse schedule planned and at the ready, we weren’t let down one bit.

Shortly after getting to the festival, I sat down with British producer Troyboi to talk about everything that makes him stand out in the electronic dance scene. More to come to Garnet and Black in the future with the interview. We finished seven minutes before he went on stage and his personality went straight to business. Although it was early in the day, he drew in countless numbers of people playing his own hits and many others that had the head bangers out and people constantly on their feet. It was a show that kept everyone hooked from start to finish. He brought a different type of energy to the stage compared to the other performers that was unmatched. 

After seeing them walk around the festival with Whethan, Louis the Child took the main stage to change the pace of the day. With future bass anthems like “Fire” and “Love is Alive,” people felt the good vibes in the air as the duo brought a very melodic set that gave fans a hint at what was soon to come that night. 

Moving on over to Peachtree stage was one of my personal favorite acts of the day. Trance and dubstep producer Seven Lions brought one of my favorite sets of the weekend. Mixing between trance and dubstep throughout the majority of his set, he brought out beautiful synths that left me stunned and went straight into aggressive tracks that brought out the crazy in everyone. With some tracks in development on his tracklist, fans can expect new music from Seven Lions and Kill the Noise very soon. 

As the sun began to set, the mass migration to mainstage began for tropical house king, Kygo. Unfortunately, I was unable to get into the photo pit because only six photographers were allowed in. This didn’t stop me from enjoying his set from start to finish. Bringing out a handful of vocalists from his hit tracks, another layer was added to his performance make it a beautiful way to end the night. My personal favorite, “Stargazing,” was one of the first to be played with a vocalist and it was an unbelievable live performance. Closing with an acoustic version of “Firestone,” fans got to see Kygo on the piano backed up by an orchestra and vocalist Conrad Sewell. Watching the fireworks rain down and the confetti begin to blast during the drop was an unforgettable way to end the weekend. 

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