Shaky Beats: Day One


Headbangers, shufflers and fans of rap took on a hot, sunny day in Atlanta for the opening sets of Shaky Beats Music Festival. With performances from artists all across the musical spectrum, this was a very high intensity warm up for the coming weekend. 

As a very chill start to our day, Quinn XCII took Piedmont stage for an eager crowd. With the recent release of his debut album “The Story of Us,” popular hits from the album kept fans on their feet and singing along to a set filled with good vibes and energy. 

Shortly after, Atlanta based dubstep and trap producer, Herobust, brought the heat to an expanding crowd just seconds after taking the stage. After he stated, “I love playing here because ATL goes the hardest out of any city in the world,” I managed to see the chaos unfold before me. Intense bass tracks brought headbangers from around the country together to one of the hardest sets of the day. Even after the meme’s death, he continues to drop his signature track “Vertebreaker” from a sample of the “Damn Daniel” video. 

Starting off his set during the beautiful sunset, piñata and Moomba king Dillon Francis brought the fast-paced dance and the memes during his performance. Accompanied by a crowd full of “Gerald the Piñata” totems, Shaky Beats gave him the energy he needed to put on an unforgettable set. 

As the day came to a close and the tired made their way to the Peachtree stage, one of the biggest names in EDM took the stage. With a mix swaying from melodic trap to dubstep to dance, he put on a show that left me and other attendees speechless. Including all of his hits like “Silence,” “Alone,” “You & Me” and “Chasing Colors (ft. Noah Cyrus),” it was a set that was perfectly orchestrated and kept the crowd singing for the entire hour and a half he was on stage. 

For more information about the festival, stay connected with Shaky Beats social media and keep an eye out for my blog entries covering the next two days of the festival!

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