PRIME Music Festival: Raleigh


With yet another festival in the books, Prime Social Group just concluded their first installment of the expanded PRIME Music Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina. Located at the beautiful Red Hat Amphitheatre, attendees were greeted with beautiful weather, a scenic view of the downtown area and an atmosphere that was unlike many festivals I have been to. 

Local Raleigh SoundCloud rapper LUVELOVESYOU brought the hype to the early attendees as he performed his underground hits. Although early in the day, he brought the energy to a cold crowd and had them on their feet and in the pit. 

Fans from all across the US were attracted to a seemingly unfamiliar name to most, Cal Scruby. Walking on stage to an intro dubbed from a news cast ripping him for his music, he soon responded with an energetic performance that was brought all the way from Ohio. Without any hesitation, he showed the festival everything he was about. With his most popular track “Ain’t Sh*t Changed,” he had his true fans fill in for the featured roll of Chris Brown. Voices could be heard from the back during this performance leaving attendees wanting more from an old, or even brand new, favorite artist. 

With a quick change in tempo, electronic dance artist Justin Caruso brought the good vibes and the bass with a diverse set that kept the warmed-up crowd moving. As a student at the University of Southern California, his Second Semester of his “Can I Drop Out Yet?” Tour made its stop in Raleigh. Although we can all agree we have thought of dropping out at least once during our time at school, Caruso has made a path for himself remixing music for EDM sensations The Chainsmokers. With the thought of Zeds Dead performing within the next couple of hours, he decided to turn up the heat dropping well known dubstep and trap tracks like Skrillex’s “Purple Lamborghini” to give the fans a taste of what is soon to come. 

With one of my personal favorite artists on the lineup, my second time seeing MADEINTYO was nothing shorter than amazing. With the first time being in Charlotte during Breakaway Music Festival, Prime Social Group has kept him on a majority of their lineups. His energetic stage presence and ability to keep the crowd in the mosh pit and bouncing is unlike many other performers. Even while editing photos in the stadium seats towards the back of the venue, I couldn’t help but make my way back to the crowd when “Uber Everywhere” and “Skateboard P” were cued up by his DJ. 

With my first ever time seeing a tropical house DJ, I couldn’t help but wonder what the set would be like. With Norwegian producer Matoma, that was quickly erased from my mind. Fans were greeted with the sounds of Summer with future bass and tropical house tracks throughout his hour set. With the first taste of CO2 cannons during his set, even I was given a treat with my view from the photo pit. His abstract 2D visuals complimented by vibrant colors gave off such a good representation of what his music brought to festival attendees. 

After an unforeseen circumstance, Trippie Redd was unable to make it to Raleigh after a guest performance during SZA’s set at Coachella Music and Arts festival. However, DJs were quick to keep the hype playing his biggest tracks for the fans that were there to see him. Making yet another appearance, Matoma picked up where he left off for a short mix that kept attendees warm for the soon-to-be most energetic and hardest set of the day. 

Although only one half of Zeds Dead could attend the event, Toronto native Zachary Rapp-Rovan a.k.a “Hooks” left me absolutely stunned in the photo pit. He was not joking one bit when he said, “to make up for DC’s absence, we will be going 3 times as hard tonight.” With an ambient intro, I was caught off guard when the buildup became more fast paced eventually dropping into one of my favorite dubstep tracks “Send It” by 12th Planet, Barely Alive, and PhaseOne. Thank you for the full send, Hooks. Soon after, dubstep names such as Zomboy and Eptic made an appearance in the mix with yet another track, “Bop It” making its way into the mixes of many international DJs. With a quick transition, the crowd was left jumping with the Electro House section of the set. Zeds Dead was yet another performer that left me bobbing my head while editing photos in the back and looking head on at the visual and lights show not too far ahead of me. Even just a month and a half after seeing Zeds Dead at Okeechobee, their set only improved. 

For those wanting to know more about PRIME Music Festival or upcoming events from Prime Social Group, you can keep up with their socials on all platforms. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram under @PrimeSocial. For more news on future installments of PRIME Music Festival, keep up to date with them @PrimeMusicFest on Twitter and Facebook and @PrimeFestival on Instagram. 

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