Okeechobee Music Festival: Day Four

Day 4: The long haul. After three days of the festival, the soreness and fatigue has set in for the majority attending. However, not one performer held back. Okeechobee held all of the heaviest and hardest artists until the last day of the festival to give fans one last party before they get on the road. 

Heavy bass artists Subtronics, Dirt Monkey, Boogie T, Squnto, Ganja White Night, and Liquid Stranger bumped up the energy at the Aquachobe Beach Stage for hours on end. During my time at the festival, I hadn’t seen such an energetic and large crowd occupy the Aquachobee stage until Sunday’s performances. Not to mention, performances started at 2:30 p.m. in the baking heat and the beach stage throw down lasted non-stop until 7:15. One person I absolutely want to note is riddim artist and chop DJ, Squnto. Fans could not help but focus on his hands as he chopped multiple songs into one drop. To any fans of bass reading this blog: If you ever get the chance to see him, do it. You will not be disappointed.

After a long day at the beach, the bass moved into The Grove with Ganja White Night (Live). The “Wobble Masters” brought the crowd to their feet with collabs and new IDs being previewed. Another feature that caught my eye were their visuals. I know, I should be paying attention to the music. But the vibrant, complimentary colors in their 2D animations attracted my eye the entire set. With a preview at the beginning of the set of the plot, they brought a story to life of society’s problems with technology and politics. 

Closing out the NOW Stage was electronic duo Zeds Dead. Their mixture of dubstep, house, and trance was a never-ending party for a completely full crowd. Starting off with 12th Planet’s “Send It,” the crowd was drawn in right off of the bat. Kicking off the house portion of their set was the unmistakable melody of Skrillex and Habstrakt’s “Chicken Soup.” The fatigue many faced throughout the entirety of Sunday was completely flushed out by the adrenaline rush the duo brought from the very first track of their set. 

Overall, the festival was an experience I can only wish to relive. Even though the Portal has now been closed, there are less than 365 days until it reopens with yet another unforgettable experience 

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