B.o.B at SpringFest 2018

After a long wait from the 21 Savage concert, students have been eager for the next performer to take stage on campus. At SpringFest 2018, put on by Carolina Productions, Atlanta-based rapper B.o.B took the stage on Greene Street for another concert free to students. With songs like “Airplanes,” “Out of My Mind,” “Strange Clouds,” and “Nothin’ on You,” B.o.B brought students back to their middle school memories for his hour-long set. 

I haven’t listened to these songs in years, so it was nice to reminisce in the photo pit for the first time. Besides getting hit in the head several times by very excited students flinging their arms around (curse the skinny photo pits in this world), it was an overall cool experience for me personally. I haven’t had the chance to photograph many acts as energetic as B.o.B, giving me the opportunity for different photos. 

Sadly, I had to leave after about 30 minutes due to being in class at the time (thank you very, very much professor), so I don’t have too much to write about. To those who got to see the “adult dancing” after about the third or fourth song when he brought the few lucky students on stage, don’t tell your parents. 

You can listen to B.o.B’s new album The Upside Down on all major platforms and you can connect with him on all types of social media. 

Photos can be found above and you can connect with me on Instagram @colerojahnphoto_ for everything concert photography. 

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