Manchester Orchestra at Music Farm

Indie-Alt Rock band, Manchester Orchestra, took the stage October 6th at Music Farm Columbia and brought their tranquil yet thrilling sound to the crowd. Opening for the band were widely known acts Foxing and Tiger’s Jaw who both warmed up the audience for one of the most anticipated shows of the Fall. 

Created in Atlanta, Georgia, Manchester Orchestra is composed of front man Andy Hull, lead guitarist Robert McDowell, drummer Tim Very, bassist Andy Prince and percussionist and keyboard Chris Freeman. 

Beginning their show with the ambient tune “The Maze,” the backlit members sang their melodies to an audience that sang every word back to them, creating a beautiful moment for the band to build off of for the remaining 16 songs in their set. 


The Maze

The Gold

The Moth 

Shake it Out 


Pale Black Eye

I’ve Got Friends

I Can Barely Breathe

The Alien

The Sunshine 

The Grocery

Simple Math




Hot One

The Silence

My initial thoughts before the show were completely exceeded regarding performance and lighting. The audience was presented with a light show that reflected the sounds of the band through color and dynamics of the lights. Songs with higher tempo such as “Shake it Out” and “I’ve Got Friends” changed the initial atmosphere completely. The crowd leapt to their feet and danced along with the band as both guitarists and bassist danced and played as if the crowd were not there. While in the photo pit waiting for each band to come on I was greeted by several dedicated fans sporting VIP laminates, band T-Shirts, and even vinyl records in hopes to meet the band. If Manchester Orchestra is ever on a festival lineup or on tour in a local venue, I highly recommend you come out to one of their shows. I came in only knowing the beginning of their set list and left wanting to see them again soon. 

Manchester Orchestra’s new album A Black Mile To The Surface is out now and can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. 

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