Breakaway Music Festival: Charlotte, NC

On October 14, 2017, fans from all over the United States had their expectations exceeded with the one day festival presented by Prime Social Group. Headlining acts included MADEINTYO, Cheat Codes, Lil Dicky and Zedd. 

As the doors opened at 3:00, fans in line were eager to get in and get as close as possible for the next six hours. As I talked to people in line and at the barricade, many were die hard concert goers and others, their first time seeing the majority of the lineup. Rowshay and Yona played 30 minute sets to get the crowd ready for DJ duo, Luxlyfe. Luxlyfe brought the energy with a mix full of heavy trap and bass music. 

Just as the sun began its descent, rapper Chris Buxton bounced with the crowd as he played his hits for the expanding crowd. Soon enough a fan’s dream was made. After constant shout outs about the fan’s energy, Chris asked the security guard in front of me if he could bring the fan on stage. Before I could turn my head to the left to look at the person Buxton was talking about, he was already over the barricade and hopping onto the stage. The smile he had was contagious and the crowd was cheering him on as he danced around the stage. 

Transitioning back into EDM was DJ Corrupt. Similar to Luxlyfe, his set was filled with trap as well as electro house hits. Accompanying him at the decks was a stuffed penguin that soon became a fan favorite. With just a few minutes remaining in his set, he jumped down with the penguin and ran it across those in the barricade for early arrivers to pet. 

With golden hour approaching, 24hrs brought yet another round of rap to the main stage. As it got darker during his set, the audience began to experience visuals warm up for the headlining act. Soon after, MADEINTYO kicked off the headlining acts with a performance that had the entire crowd bouncing. With visuals inspired by Tokyo, the Atlanta based rapper brought the heat to main stage as songs “Uber Everywhere” and “Skateboard P” had the crowd saying every word back to MADEINTYO. 

Another crowd favorite was DJ trio, Cheat Codes who performed live with their tracks. One addition that seemed to grab the attention of every college student in the crowd was the CO2 guns filled with dollar bills (thanks for the $3). After being sprayed in the face by CO2 at least three times, I was nice and cool for the remainder of the night. Songs like “No Promises (feat. Demi Lovato),” “Shed a Light,” “Sex,” as well as the song they put out the day before “Feels Great (feat. Fetty Wap and CVBZ)” had quite the reaction when the beat dropped. If any of you are looking to make a quick few dollars, I definitely recommend seeing Cheat Codes on the barricade. Round of ramen on me!

At 8:40, fans were finally greeted by the Brain himself, Lil Dicky. It took no time for the crowd to leave their feet and get down with what Lil Dicky brought for the day one fans. The song “Pillow Talking” has 1817 words and although only around three of the nearly eleven-minute song was played, fans around me new every single word. Goofy dancing seemed to also be a big part of the set as fans roared with excitement as he hit the whip five times in a row. What seemed to make me the most surprised was when he took a girl on stage and gave her a lap dance followed by flowers. I could not tell if she had a face of excitement or confusion when Lil Dicky presented her with a beautiful bouquet and an escort off stage. 

When the clock hit 9:45, the silence from the transition between acts turned into an immense cheer when the lights went out. I have been waiting to see Zedd for years and this was just the icing on the cake getting to cover a festival at the same time. When his intro edit for “Beautiful Now” began playing, the crowd knew they were about to have the time of their life. As the lyrics from Jon Bellion began to play, not one person in the crowd was silent. The visuals started off strong and just got better as he took us through a journey with a preview of his Echo Tour. Hit after hit was played and not one person was standing still. Even with camera in hand for the first fifteen minutes, I did not hold back when the beat dropped in each and every song. “Stay (with Alessia Cara),” “Clarity,” “Get Low (with Liam Payne),” “I Want You to Know,” and “Stay the Night (with Hayley Williams)” were among the widely known songs in a chart-topping mix that was played. On two occurrences, Michael Jackson appeared in the mix with “Thriller” and “Billy Jean” with a tremendous reaction from fans from the barricade to the very back of the venue. My personal favorite, “The Legend of Zelda,” was a song I have been waiting almost three years to see live. With melodies from the game itself, the drop had everyone reach inside their inner-gamer for a brief minute and nerd out. 

Overall, this festival experience was definitely one of my favorites. Breakaway packed many big names into one day and I can now cross many people on my concert bucket list off. Be sure to follow Breakaway Music Festival on social media for updates regarding next year’s festival tour. You can find them on Instagram and Twitter under @breakawayfest. For similar events and news about the festival, be sure to follow Prime Social Group on Instagram and Twitter @PrimeSocial. 

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