A Gamecock's Life

Pictures are extremely important, especially in our generation. With just one ‘click’ we have the ability to capture a memory that will last us a life time.

They have the power to bring us back and regress to times we felt our youngest, times we accomplished something amazing, and times we were enjoying life with our closest friends.

Pictures can illustrate a story to someone who has never met you. They can give someone a glimpse of your life by just looking at a small memory… 

As students, we take thousands of pictures everyday; different occasions like travelling, tailgating, and even five points are very close to our hearts. 

So here are some very important and beautiful photographs from your fellow peers here at The University of South Carolina… enjoy a little sneak peek into their exciting lives J 

–Reema V.

 McKenna Cieslak, Junior (above photo)

There's many reasons why this picture brings out the most profound meaning of happiness. It could be the elevation acting as a reminder to keep climbing and moving no matter how steep life can get. It could be the grin on my face from the spontaneity of my decisions to catch a flight to a place I've never been without thinking twice. However, I think the one thing that makes me exponentially happy about this picture is that there is still more of the world to see, people to meet and life to experience than I could even picture.
This photo was from my trip to Glacier National Park in Montana as a birthday present. I had never been before and this was my first time ever hardcore hiking. I love the adventure behind the picture and all the memories I got to make while taking them. The hiking part was a little rough, but hey..... that's life ;).

Steffi Marti, Junior

This is a picture that means a lot to me because it is of two of my very close friends and me in the middle of last year's fall semester. It is a reminder to me that even though the three of us lead different lifestyles with our career paths/majors and we get too busy to see each other, we still manage to stay close and be there for one another through anything.

 Karis Ripple, Junior

This picture is with my two best friends on game day and it makes me really happy to think back to all the great memories we have together during football season.

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