Masculine v. Feminine

Masculine and feminine, what separates the two? In this style shoot, we decided to answer this question. Pairing feminine outfits with hard masculine outerwear showed how they work together and question if they are that different. We used a rugged tree landscape to emphasize the masculinity, since the clothes were mostly feminine. People are no longer constricted by gender boundaries; we can now combine the two into one unit. It is always important to embrace both sides of the spectrum, and find a comfortable and happy medium. Whether you are more of a feminine dresser, or masculine, the trend now is to dabble in both ends and create something entirely unique. This can sometimes be a struggle, which we wanted to stress through the model’s poses. Trying to mesh together what you like can help you find a new sense of style and individuality.

Stylist: Clara Marzolf // Style Assistant: Caroline Hart // Photographer: Ian Wallace // Model: Myles Harden // Clothes pulled from model’s wardrobe

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