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Carolina’s Cuties is fun idea we came up with after realizing how nicely students dressed up for home football games. We are sisters who love fashion, meeting new people and blogging and this was the perfect opportunity to do all three! We go out to each home football game, look for trendy outfits, and interview. Stay updated because we have many great looks coming up!

Meet this Week's Carolina Cuties

Not only are our fans the best in the world, they also bring their own style and fashion sense to every home game. Check out our list of cuties from the two home games against Louisiana Tech and Arkansas.

Relive the energy of your favorite concerts and festivals throughout the Columbia area.

Manchester Orchestra at Music Farm

Indie-Alt Rock band, Manchester Orchestra, took the stage October 6th at Music Farm Columbia and brought their tranquil yet thrilling sound to the crowd. 

Sports, Sports, and more Sports! There will also be a some information regarding my study abroad trip to Iceland, where I saw 10 sporting events.

This blog will bring you the new and different sounds your playlist is waiting for.

This blog will follow my adventures as I attend UCD in Dublin, Ireland throughout the semester.

Vol. 2

Well, it’s been a mere three weeks since I’ve last checked in and it has truly been a whirlwind of a time.

This blog will follow my adventures as I attend UCD in Dublin, Ireland throughout the semester.

...And if you're a College student it's worth a million.

A Gamecock's Life

Pictures are extremely important, especially in our generation. With just one ‘click’ we have the ability to capture a memory that will last us a life time.

A weekly blog that takes you down the pop culture rabbit hole.

A weekly blog coming at you with reviews of the best new music.

Weekly, web-exclusive fashion editorials, put together by G&B contributors.


Edgy, gritty, tough, dark. Streetwear has its own attitude, its own personality.

Follow along my adventures as I spend my semester studying at Griffith College in Dublin, Ireland and traveling around Europe.

A blog about books: what they have, what they lack and how they influence the world outside their pages.

This blog isn't just for the college students on our campus for our school that we are all so blessed to be attending. This blog is a message for our community. These letters will be advice, opinion, and motivational pieces that I hope will touch as many lives around myself as possible.

Ms. (not so) Incredible

Up, down, side-to-side... it feels like I’m being pulled in every direction possible.