Winter 2017 Style Shoot

The feeling of being lost is not uncommon for college students. The confusion, disorientation and vulnerability of a new environment seem to be common factors among those entering a new phase in life. Being in a new environment can be daunting, but through a newfound isolation, we find our own sense of self-expression. Style has become a means by which we overcome those confusing landscapes and take control of a setting that might not feel right just yet. This shoot aimed to mimic this sense of displacement and emotion, manifesting itself in rich fabrics and heavy layers — something like a seasonal armor. The rich textures give us something substantial to work with, arming us with confidence to adapt to the turn of the season and change in life. The vintage pieces being styled with modern pieces created a physical analysis of a timeless sense of vulnerability and resistance. This vulnerability comes from a sense of being lost coupled with a need to fight back and resist the overwhelming notion of not fitting in. There has been a cultural shift from when some of the clothes were made, obviously, but their messages and stories remain the same, arming us with whatever we may need, to adapt, push forward and find a sense of peace and belonging.

FIRST LOOK: Vintage Dress model’s own Fur stylist’s own

SECOND LOOK: ER Velvet skirt $80 Copper Penny | Step it up Sweater $48 Vestique | Team Player earrings $16 Vestique | VSA ring $137 Copper Penny

THIRD LOOK: 1520 black dress $198 Copper Penny | MinkPink top $79 Bohemian | Obey Jacket $189 Bohemian | JennyBird ring $85 Bohemian | Pot of Gold Earring $12 Vestique | Shoes model’s own

FOURTH LOOK: Milly Andrea top $335 Copper Penny | Got it from my momma (grey) $24 Vestique | Obey beanie $22 Bohemian | Gold Fringe earrings $30 Copper Penny

Styled by Clara Marzolf  | Photos by Brennan Booker | Style assistant: Eileen Gillis | Model: Grace Barlow

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