The classical figure who was responsible for the fall of man.

The vision for this shoot focuses on Eve’s modern identity. I believe that she was a strong woman who was essential to the creation of man. Without her decision to sin, we would not have this world. As college students, we are faced with many tough decisions: what classes to take, who to surround ourselves with and who we are going to become. Eve is a warning to all of the students coming in this year: no matter what decision you make, it has to come from a place of purpose. This style shoot was inspired by the different stages of Eve’s life and how she transitioned into a more experienced and well-rounded modern figure from the protection and security that she once had in the garden. We could all learn from the decisions that Eve made and the troubles that she faced. We must all be aware of our surroundings, the people that may influence us and the balance of good and evil. 



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